Kimberly Henderson Sings Her Baby To Sleep With Breathtaking Version Of 'How Will I Know'

Kimberly Henderson's 1-year-old has quite a sophisticated ear. As the mom told her local South Carolina news station, WLTX, the baby will only fall asleep to Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey songs. Luckily, her mom has the chops to pull off those power ballads with flying colors.

One sleepless night, Kimberly sang Sam Smith's version of Whitney Houston's "How Will I Know" to her daughter and recorded the sweet, tear-inducing moment with her cell phone. She uploaded the video to YouTube and Facebook and became an overnight sensation -- her performance reached 20 million people on Facebook alone.

In the about section of the video, Kimberly notes that she has "Big news coming soon!" and speculates that a record deal might be in the works. The mom tells WLTX that she's keeping her options open.

For now, one lucky audience member will continue to fall asleep in the arms of a loving mom with a gorgeous singing voice.