Kimbo Slice Wins Boxing Debut With Quick Knockout (VIDEO)

It sure seemed like bare-knuckle, backyard brawler and brief UFC participant Kimbo Slice's 15 minutes off fame had come to end. But Slice wasn't going to let the first opponent of his burgeoning professional boxing career enjoy even a fleeting taste of any similar glory at his expense.

In fact, the 37-year-old Slice barely let his opponent, 39-year-old James Wade, have even 15 seconds in the ring.

Slice landed a sledgehammer uppercut that knocked Wade out cold just 17 seconds into their bout in Miami, Oklahoma. Although the middle-aged Wade had only a single fight, which he lost, on his professional resume, the punching power displayed by Slice makes it seem like he's got a chance to make some noise in the heavyweight division.

Although the fight took place off the beaten path at Buffalo Run Casino, it has been racking up views on Youtube, marking a return to the vehicle that brought Slice into the spotlight in the first place.