Kimbra Lo, Dov Charney Sexual Harassment Accuser: 'I Was Terrified' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Second American Apparel Accuser Speaks Out

Update: Friday afternoon, a series of e-mails and texts containing graphic photos and language surfaced, as allegedly sent from Irene Morales to American Apparel CEO Dov Charney. Morales is the first woman suing Charney for $250 million.

Gawker has the rundown of it all; we were forwarded a disturbing amount of pictures of what looks like Morales accompanied by subject lines like, "smile for me daddy," and "A few now...more later, yeah? A lot dirtier too..." They're expected to be submitted as evidence at a hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Charney's lawyer lawyer, Stuart Slotnick, told the New York Daily News that the correspondences "show she was stalking Mr. Charney and acted inappropriately by offering him sex acts in exchange for material possessions and money."

BNET got a hold of the document that American Apparel employees must sign in order to be hired, which prevents them from taking Charney to court, public arbitration or going to blogs with information. You can read that here.

Previously: Kimbra Lo, 19, the latest former-American Apparel employee to press sexual harassment charges against CEO Dov Charney, sat down with "The Today Show" on Friday morning to talk about her lawsuit.

She recalled that last December, when she visited Charney's house to discuss modeling: "He instantly attacked me. And I made it very clear for him to stop. I said, 'No, please don't touch me,' and he became more aggressive....Honestly, I don't think there was a way for me to leave safely. I was terrified."

American Apparel released a statement that read, in part:

"The company is in possession of love letter that Ms. Lo sent to Mr. Charney after she left the company. The company also has 'smoking gun' photographs undermining her false accusations of unwelcome harassment. "

Lo fired back, saying "I have not written a love letter to him." And of the photographs, she acknowledged that some were taken during the night in question but that, "Everything [Charney] was doing, I asked him to stop."

They also talk about another pending sexual harassment lawsuit against the clothing chain boss filed by Irene Morales, who alleges that Charney forced her to perform sex acts. She's suing for $250 million.


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