6 Foods Begging To Be Topped With Kimchi

Kimchi has been making an impact on the food scene -- the spicy fermented cabbage condiment/side dish has branched out beyond Korean food, making its way into a variety of dishes. You can easily find fusion restaurants in all the big cities serving kimchi on practically anything, and there are even food trucks in Los Angeles and New York offering a Mexican-Korean fusion -- even T.G.I. Friday's is in on the trend. And you don't have to go to a special Asian market to get a jar of kimchi anymore -- some brands are now national after being lauded in newspapers and magazines.

Check out our slideshow below to see some interesting recipes, from our friends around the web, that have practically become standard, like kimchi on burgers, hot dogs and even pizza. Plus, if you want to try making your own kimchi, see David Chang make his recipe from scratch in a video below.

Kimchi-Topped Recipes