Kimmel's Coachella 'Lie Witness News' Asks Concert Goers About Fake Bands (VIDEO)

We're really bummed we missed seeing "Get The F**k Out Of My Pool" play at Coachella. Oh, wait, no we're not because that's not a real band. Jimmy Kimmel continued his wince-inducing series "Lie Witness News" with a visit to Coachella, asking attendees their opinions on bands that don't exist.

Every time we see one of these segments we try to remind ourselves, "don't ever pretend you know something you don't because you feel socially awkward." Obviously, there but for the grace of God, etc., etc. But there is something particularly gratifying about watching someone try to explain what it is they like so much about Williamsburg's "The Chelsea Clintons".

They're just fun!

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