Jimmy Kimmel Is A Huge Jerk To Matt Damon Once Again

Kimmel's Feud With Matt Damon Reaches New Heights

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed the cast of "The Monuments Men" to his show Thursday night, and had a perfectly pleasant chat with star/director George Clooney, as well as Bill Murray, John Goodman, Cate Blanchett and Bob Balaban.

And, much to Kimmel's chagrin, Matt Damon.

Let's go back. For much of the "Jimmy Kimmel Live's" early days, Kimmel would joke at the end of the show that he had to bump Matt Damon because the program ran out of time for the Oscar winner. This joke reached new levels when Damon finally did appear on the show in 2006, only actually to be bumped. Last year, the "feud" reached a boiling point when Damon took over the show for a night, tied up Kimmel, and renamed the show "Jimmy Kimmel Sucks."

He had not been back since then, but as part of the "Monuments Men" cast, he showed up -- only to be treated in an undignified manner. Kimmel forced him to sit in a small child's chair for much of the interview, and asked offensive questions about Damon to the rest of the cast. (Blanchett even joined in on the fun, claiming that she has great respect for the Make-A-Wish foundation.)

Kimmel also set up a clip from "The Monuments Men," only for the clip to be Damon kissing Michael Douglas in "Behind the Candelabra."

Finally, at the end of the show, Kimmel relented and asked Damon a question. But just as he did, the "fire alarm" went off, and Kimmel forced the entire studio to be evacuated as Damon was forced to stand there while getting sprayed by firemen.

Take a look at that clip above, and see the rest of the interviews over on Kimmel's YouTube page.

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