Kimmel Spoofs 'Jersey Shore' Italy (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel is no stranger to making fun of "Jersey Shore," the MTV reality show we all love to hate. On Wednesday night's show, he once again lampooned the Guidos and Guidettes, this time making their upcoming season in Italy look like it's going to be a real flop.

It turns out that the Mayor of Florence, Italy, where season four will be shot, has set ground rules such as "no shooting in clubs that serve alcohol" and "no drinking in public." Kimmel insisted that a sober "Jersey Shore" is nothing worth watching:

"'Jersey Shore' without drinking is like The Source Awards without shooting. It's unacceptable."

Watch the clip below to hear all of Kimmel's "Shore" jabs, as well as a special preview of what he imagines the Italian season will be like. Let's just say, it looks like everything's going to be "great."