Kimmel Presents 'Michele Bachmann's Story Of America' (VIDEO)

WATCH: American History According To Michele Bachmann

Maybe we're just not getting Michele Bachmann. When she confuses the founding fathers for people who did NOT own slaves, and confuses John Wayne for John Wayne Gacy and Concord, New Hampshire for Concord, Massachusetts, maybe she's not really wrong, per se... maybe she just knows history differently. Maybe she even knows it better than we do.

See, when you look at things through another lens, say, one that's cracked, the world is a very different place. Does that make Michele Bachmann wrong? Yes. But also no. See?

On Tuesday's show, Jimmy Kimmel presented a look at Michele Bachmann's story of America, and it's got at least one more Jabba the Hut in it than the version we learned in school. So thumbs up for that.


International users can watch the clip on YouTube.

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