The 'Kindergarten Cop 2' Trailer Looks Exactly Like 'Kindergarten Cop'

Minus Arnold.

Don't be surprised if you hear Dolph Lundgren lecturing kids about why his headache is "not a toomah" in "Kindergarten Cop 2."

Entertainment Weekly revealed the first trailer for the movie on Tuesday, and it looks exactly like the first movie. The story seems to follow a "tough cop who's given his most difficult assignment ever: to masquerade as a kindergarten teacher." And if that sounds familiar, it's because we copied that from the IMDb synopsis for 1990's "Kindergarten Cop."

The biggest difference between the movies seems to be that Lundgren is stepping in for Arnold Schwarzenegger. But don't worry. To help get fans over that shock, we wouldn't be surprised if Lundgren throws in a, "Get to the choppa," or two. 


"Kindergarten Cop 2" arrives on DVD and Digital HD May 17.


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