Kindergarten Homework Question Stumps Parents

"How is a 5-year-old supposed to know that?”

You’d think a 5-year-old’s homework would be easy enough for most parents to figure out, but this little girl’s assignment has grownups stumped.

New York mom Royce Winnick posted a photo of her 5-year-old daughter’s take-home worksheet. The assignment focuses on the letter T and includes a section in which the student must “tap out the word in the picture and write out the sounds you hear.”

The first three words are simple enough: tub, ten and top. But the last one, which has a drawing of five rabbits, had Winnick’s daughter (and adult family and friends) at a loss.

Royce Winnick

“I posted the homework because we honestly could not figure out the answer,” Winnick told The Huffington Post. The mom shared a photo of the sheet on Facebook and posed the question, “Anybody know this answer to my daughter’s kindergarten homework?”

Suggestions poured in for “twins,” “two by two,” “thumpers,” “twabbit” and “I bet this was an error.”

Though Winnick’s daughter initially thought the answer was rabbit, she eventually settled on “pet,” which the teacher marked as “OK” though it was clearly not the correct answer.

Royce Winnick

“The real answer was ‘vet’ which makes no sense!” Winnick told HuffPost.

The mom said her daughter’s homework is not usually so confounding. “But she did have another sheet similar that also had ridiculous answers,” she added.

Winnick shared the other worksheet with HuffPost. “The answers to the two bottoms ones are kin and Ken!” she said. “Again, how is a 5-year-old supposed to know that?”

Royce Winnick

Good luck getting into college, kiddos.

Clarification: This story has been updated to remove Winnick’s joke suggesting the worksheets were part of the Common Core.

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