Little Kid's TV Weather Report Has A 100% Chance Of Making You Smile

A star is born.

This kid has a future.

Carden Corts became a viral sensation this week after a video was posted online showing him deliver a weather forecast as only a 6-year-old can.

In a little more than a day, Carden’s video racked up more than 1 million views on YouTube.

Not bad for a kindergarten project.

The children in Carden’s class were each asked to make a weather forecast video for a school assignment.

His dad, Charlie, happens to work at a design studio with a green screen.

“When I saw this assignment, I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for this,” Charlie told the Tennessean. “No seriously, I thought it was something we could have fun with.”

They certainly did.

Check it out above.

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