Kindertransport Celebrates 75th Anniversary With Reunion (VIDEO)

It's been 75 years since Kindertransport evacuated 10,000 children from Nazi territory to the safety of England in the eve of the second World War. To commemorate the occasion and the people who saved their lives, some of the 400 surviving members of Kindertransport convened in a Jewish school in London for a reunion last Sunday.

Some revelers were seeing each other for the first time in decades, and many had similar, harrowing tales to tell.

"We said goodbye to our parents, who said they would see us for a happy reunion in a few weeks time," Herman Hirschberger told BBC, "But that's the last time we ever saw them." Hirschberger was 11 when Kindertransport shuttled him to Great Britain.

Two of the attendees had Kindertransport to thank not only for their safety but for their marriage. Bob and Ann Kirk were transported to England weeks apart and married years later after meeting in a London refugee center, CNN reports.

"It took him three weeks to pluck up courage to take me out. Three weeks later we were unofficially engaged," Ann Kirk told CNN.

They reconnected with other Kinders at what BBC observes might be the last big Kindertransport reunion, given the age of the attendees.

"We share something," Bob Kirk told CNN. "All our stories are slightly different but there's an underlying commonality. We are the survivors."



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