Kindness in the social media-saturated era of political antagonism and nonalignment

Despite how easy it is these days to loudly call out the bigotry, racism, hatred and vulgarity of others, I think we need to realize that none of us are nearly as elevated on the 'moral high ground' as we assume.

My suggestion: the next time you want to shout slanderous remarks of condescension at your neighbor (for the chances are your neighbor is one of 'them'), the next time you want to throw around vitriolic words of castigation from your high laptop pulpit, take a moment to hesitate and reflect on how far these sorts of polarizing remarks have taken us. Ask yourself: have you really faced the detestable and monstrous inside yourself? Are you that evolved in walking your talk or just singing to the ideological choir of self-righteousness?

What does kindness look like in the virtual world of social-political discourse? I challenge you to bring that kindness forth - however small the scale - even in the midst of the most seemingly despicable neighbors, events and characters shining painfully in plain sight.

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