Kindness inspires kindness

I believe you can teach an adolescent anything , you can shape their minds however way you want . It’s the age where the mind readily accepts everything one sees or hears . May be that’s the reason it’s very important for both sets of parents to stay most with their child when they’re growing up and I mean no offense to working parents (a whole lot of respect for them) .

My mom is an awesome human being just like all other moms out there , she knowingly and unknowingly taught me a whole lot of things about the world . The incident which I’m going to share today , probably my mom didn’t even realize it’d have such a big impact in shaping me , probably she doesn’t even remember it . But it is the rule by which I treat everybody .

I was 3-4 years old and I was a very ideal kid - saying my “please” and “thank you” , greeting people , staying at the top of my class..teachers and elders liking me equally . So one fine afternoon when I and my mom were sitting on the porch of our house , she knitting or reading or something and I , sitting on the floor watching a queue of ants . Yes I was a loner even then having none to few friends , I found fun in hanging out with elders . I was never a naughty kid , in fact I was known for keeping quiet even when things were not my way . Anyway so I don’t remember why I did this but I disrupted the queue of ants and I liked it when they looked so disheveled..I even went ahead and squished a couple of them ! My mom saw this and she wasn’t furious with me but she said something which I believed , I don’t know how true it is to this day but I still live by it . She said - You should never bully anybody , you should never be mean to anybody however little they are . God has created everybody equal and equally different for a reason and we’re nobody to discriminate . Because if you trouble somebody or kill somebody , you become that person / thing in your next birth and die a tragic death like them .

I got scared , I got upset when I heard this because I thought I had disappointed my mom . Also my little heart started thinking about the family of ants I had killed ! So it’s been 25 years now and I’ve forgotten so many incidents and things that have happened in my life but I still feel for a homeless man I see on the streets , I pray for them to have all the good things in life . I pray for world peace everyday and I don’t know how much those prayers help but I do my part of being kind and polite to everybody .

I compliment strangers , I speak nicely to everybody . I make sure that nobody gets hurt because of my words , I’ve never gone out of my way to do something for anybody . Just like any other human being I’m trying to face my struggles and living my life but I believe I’m doing my part of making the world a better place by greeting everybody and smiling at everybody . It makes a difference because I’ve gone through days where something terribly sad was going on in my life but just because somebody was nice to me , I smiled and felt positive that day !

We should teach our younger generation to never be mean and selfish to anybody , I’m sad to see kids being bullied at school . You never know the kind of struggle one is facing . We’ve our different battles to fight and everybody is trying to do their best but it makes a difference when people praise other people for their efforts and when instead of being envious we’re proud of people achieving their goals however little they may be . When you’re appreciating of other people , it’s a circle that goes on . It’s the kind of chain reaction that uplifts the whole world one heart at a time . I believe in the magic of kindness , more on this in my next article !

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