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Introducing Kindr, The iPhone App That Will Make You A Better Person (PHOTOS)

Want to make the world a kinder place? There's an app for that.

Meet Kindr, the world's first kindness app that will turn your digital experience into an easy way to do good.

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The idea is simple -- users can send pre-crafted or original compliments to their friends and earn points along the way. Ready-to-use compliments include things like: "Who always sees the glass half full?" "Who do you admire for their dedication to their fitness?" and our favorite, "Who's so smart that if they were turned into a zombie, they'd just seem like a normal person?"

"Meanness is all over the Internet," Kindr CEO and co-founder Matt Ivester told HuffPost. "So we asked, 'What's the opposite of cyberbullying?' It's kindness."

Ivester, who authored a pivotal resource on digital citizenship called 'lol...OMG!,' and his fellow co-founder Josh Beal are launching the app in conjunction with the beginning of National Bullying Prevention Month. They encourage users to take the Kindr Pledge, a promise to actively better people's lives and promote the end of bullying.

Ivester said in the release, “We believe that a simple compliment can make a big difference –- and millions of them can change the world.”

Full disclosure: Kindr will also feature daily stories of kindness from HuffPost Good News to help keep people inspired to make a difference in others' lives.

Want to start being kinder? Download the app here, or submit your most creative compliments to Kindr's Twitter account or Facebook page.

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