Kinect Virtual Dressing Room At Topshop Lets Ladies 'Try On' Clothes

WATCH: Ladies' Virtual Dressing Room Is Powered By Kinect

Ever want to try on clothes without the hassle of getting dressed and undressed? An augmented reality dressing room, outfitted with Microsoft's Kinect motion-sensor for Xbox, may solve this problem for you.

Fashion retailer Topshop installed a Kinect-powered virtual fitting room at its Moscow store from May 5-8.

Created by AR Door, the Augmented Fitting Room system overlays 3D augmented reality clothes on the customer. Simple gestures and on-screen buttons let users "try on" different outfits.

It's not a perfect system. The on-screen clothes often drop out of alignment with the user, and there don't appear to be any sizing tools. Regardless, it's a pretty cool new tool that could be a glimpse at a living room shopping system of the future. Check it out in the video below:


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