'King & Maxwell': Jerry O'Connell Frisks Real-Life Wife, Rebecca Romijn (VIDEO)

Jerry O'Connell was clearly having a lot of fun during his guest stint on "King & Maxwell" this week. He got to act alongside his real-life wife, Rebecca Romijn. Even better, there was a scene where he told her he needed to see if she was wearing a wire. So he had to do a thorough investigation.

“Danger, curves ahead," he quipped. He then insisted he needed to check her thigh. "That’s where I always hide my wire. I’m checking the thigh.”

Maxwell protested, but O'Connell's character was insistent. So he started to check her thigh, at which point she immediately grabbed his hand and twisted his arm. "Oh, please, no, stop -- mercy -- I’m sorry!” he exclaimed, probably enjoying being under her spell.

O'Connell told TV Guide he had an absolute blast playing the scene with his wife. "I totally got to feel her up," he said. "I loved it. Because Rebecca's been out of town for so long, I need to get it from her wherever I can.”

He said that when he originally discussed coming on the show, the plan was for him to play Maxwell's brother. But they thought that was a little weird. Still, the scene was a hit. Reel Life With Jane said that the show really played up the real-life relationship between Romijn and O'Connell. They got intimate in ways during their scenes that would have been uncomfortable for non-married co-stars.

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