King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the SDG’s

King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the SDG’s
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The Youth Empowerment award comes as an initiative from the Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, as the first award of its kind that will be open to all Member States. This initiative aims to empower young people and give them the attention, encouragement and motivation needed. It will encourage all eligible participants to improve the enabling environment and infrastructure for youth to allow them to be effective and productive citizens contributing to their communities.

This initiative enhances the role of the Kingdom of Bahrain in youth development and its commitment to sustainability, through the involvement of all segments of society in it, particularly young people, as they own the abilities and energies that will achieve this. The initiative also aims to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals that aim to provide the best for young people's future and through this award; all applicants will have achieved SDG targets.

This prestigious award including all that it will stand for and its goals, will get all sectors of the community involved and bring us a step forward in not only raising awareness for the importance of the youth but take us a step forward to achieving many goals that will help us create a better future.

Award Abstract

This award will be awarded in four different categories; governments, private sector, non-profit organizations and individuals. All the applicants except for the government sector must be accredited and recognized by the concerned member state, which they are applying from; the Kingdom of Bahrain will take full responsibility of all financial commitments towards this award. The award should be launched during the ECOSOC Youth Forum to identify the nominations and assess and review their proposal by the judging committee.


Stimulate Different sectors to empowering young people. This objective aims to push various sectors to focus on young people and that their efforts are not unseen or that their efforts are not recognized by the community but to state to the community that the youth efforts are recognized and play an important role.

Encourage various sectors to work on a better future for the youth.

This objective aims to motivate all sectors without exceptions to work for the youth, as young people play an important role in the development process and as an investment in young people to ensure sustainability.

Focus on youth supporters. This objective aims to showcase the organizations and individuals that support the youth and to showcase their achievements in the youth sector as it has a big impact on enhancing their careers and attracting more youth supporters.

Draw the attention of the world to the unique youth experiments and make them accessible for the world to use.

This goal comes from the belief that there are many distinct experiences in youth empowerment, which is the catalyst for the various sectors to follow the same approach or adopt the same idea and apply it in different countries.


Government Sector Private Sector Non-profit Organizations and International Organizations Individuals

The Award

The Kingdom of Bahrain will grant the winner in both the individual and non- profit organization and international Organizations categories 25,000 US Dollars each. Also, all winners in all four categories will receive a trophy and a certificate to acknowledge their hard work towards the youth and achieving the goals.

Award Launch

His Excellency Hisham Bin Mohamed Al Jowder Minister of Youth and Sport Affairs in the Kingdom of Bahrain, launched The King Hamad Youth Empowerment Award to Achieve the SDG’s on the 30th of January 2017, at the 6th ECOSOC Youth Forum at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York.

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