King Kong Musical To Hit Melbourne Stage, Then Broadway

King Kong Musical May Come To Broadway

'King King', the classic girl-meets-gorilla tale, is set to hit the Regent Theatre in Melbourne in early 2013 and may end up on Broadway later in the year.

The musical will adapt the familiar plot; a woman and a giant ape fall in love in Depression-era New York, as the ape proceeds to wreak havoc upon the city. Tony award-nominated librettist Craig Lucas is writing the book, while the score is by composer Marius de Vries of 'Romeo + Juliet.'

The starring role will be played by an animatronic gorilla created by Global Creatures, the company who created the dinosaurs for 'Walking with Dinosaurs.' According to Kong's designer: "We are making huge leaps from what we created for the dinosaurs." The true challenge will be choreographic believable emotions for the beast. Kong will be accompanied on stage with over 40 actors, singers and puppeteers.

Producer Carmen Pavlovic hopes Melbourne will be Kong's ticket to Broadway, "because New York is the literal and spiritual home of King Kong." If all goes well Kong will be back home by late 2013.

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