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King Rahm for Alderman!

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(Chicago-Thursday June 2, 2016) Appointed 4th Ward Interim Alderman Holds Fundraiser Next Door to Opponents Campaign Office.

When I heard that Rahm Emanuel's 4th Ward Aldermanic Appointee was having her fundraiser literally next door to my office I knew that I was witnessing a classic Rahm 'fish wrapped in newspaper' tactic - in other words try and intimidate me and my supporters with the big money people he controls. So I went to my office Thursday evening to see who would be raising money for Mayor Rahm Emanuel's handpicked interim/candidate Sophia King.

Wow! I saw a lot of folk who I've become acquainted with over my years of advocating for the public good in Chicago. Sadly none of the folk leaving the fundraiser are folk I've seen fighting for the poor, challenged and disadvantaged. I'm not saying they haven't contributed to any worthy causes I'm just saying I haven't seen them rubbing shoulders with the poor. I didn't see anyone from the 'Laquan McDonald 16 shots and a Coverup' crowd.

It is crystal clear to me that my opponent in this race is Rahm Emanuel. I have been consistent over the years spotlighting the pain and damage his administration has wrought because he lacks the skill-set as well as the political-will to govern the poor, disadvantaged and challenged.

The 4th Ward is markedly diverse. Hyde Park. The University of Chicago. A bit of Downtown and the plain-old-everyday-neglected-west of the Obama Presidential Library-neighborhoods. The haves and the have-nots. The issues and headlines that affect my city also affect the 4th Ward in which I live. Policies, programs, education and public safety must be intentional and optimally developed for the entire ward lest we continue to shortsheet the least of these.

Whoever wins this seat can be the independent community voice and will of all the people. Or another rubber stamp that executes the orders of the Few in total obeisance to the Mayor. Checks and Balances be damned.

The special election for the 4th Ward aldermanic seat is February 2017. My name will be on the ballot. Rahm Emanuel's name will not but I know that back behind the big curtain it will be him I'm running against.
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