Kings, Queercore Country Band, Releases Remixes Of 'Western Sky'

What's A 'Queercore Country' Band? Come Find Out...

Kings, a Brooklyn-based queercore country group, has just released two remixes of their popular track "Western Sky."

Composed of Steph Bishop, Emily Bielagus, and Robert Maril, Kings is a group whose music focuses on universal themes while still holding political weight through the fact that all three are out, visible queer individuals. Additionally, the fact that these three are all engaged in the country music scene makes their queer identity even more political.

"We’ve called ourselves a queercore country trio from the start," Robert Maril, the band's cellist, said in a statement to The Huffington Post. "It was always really important to me to not only embrace our queer identity but to not let our queerness get buried in the details. Country music, as you know, isn’t historically a haven for gay people and we’re here to stake our claim in its landscape. That’s not to say that all our songs are about the queer experience -- far from it -- but all the songs are about our lives and thoughts, which to some extent automatically queers them."

Listen to the remixes above and if you like what you hear, head here for more information on Kings.

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