Cops Write Super-Friendly Letter To Wanted Woman

"You don't text, you don't call back and haven't accepted our friend request."

This letter from cops in England may be the most polite notice ever to a suspected criminal.

Kingston Police, in southwest London, penned the friendly letter to burglary suspect Tracey Dyke — who is believed to be behind multiple burglaries in which vulnerable victims were left “traumatized and very upset.”

Please stop ignoring us Tracey,” the department captioned the note that it posted to Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

We have come around to see you a number of times recently but it looks like you’d rather not speak to us, which is very disappointing,” it continued, adding that it had “a slight suspicion” Dyke was blanking them.

“You don’t text, you don’t call back and haven’t accepted our friend request,” it added. 

Police asked Dyke to either hand herself in or call them so they can pick her up for questioning. As of Friday morning, she remained at large.