This Kinky Version Of AirBnB Lets You Rent Sex Dungeons And More

"We did all of this because we saw a need -- a group that was not being served by the companies already out there."

Going on vacation? Want to rent a home or space that will help you explore your sexual desires and home sharing sites like AirBnB just aren't cutting it? Check out KinkBnB.

The company provides access to dungeons and other sex-positive environments that other home sharing sites can't or don't offer. Beyond that, it aims to connect people in queer and sex positive communities for finding spaces that fit their lifestyles and needs in unfamiliar locations.

"We want help people explore themselves," co-founder Ryan Galiotto told the Huffington Post. "We also want to help the sex positive community grow and travel. It is not always easy to find where to go in a new city. But if you stay with someone already in the community, you have a host and guide."

The Huffington Post recently chatted with Gailotto about the origins of KinkBnB and what curious users can expect from the service.

Courtesy of KinkBnB

The Huffington Post: What exactly is KinkBnB? What was your vision when you first started the company?

Ryan Galiotto: KinkBnB is a digital marketplace for adults to find spaces to play and places to stay where they don’t have to hide their sexuality. We want help people explore themselves.

Why did you decide to start KinkBnB?

[Co-founder] Darren McKeeman and I have a friend who was renting her guest room on a popular home sharing sight. She also has a dungeon in her place that she uses and rents out but not at all listed on her ad. Suddenly and without explanation her listing was removed. She was understandably upset. She believes there might have been a sex toy or something too provocative in her pictures. When Darren heard about this, he put up a mock site registering the address Overnight, through just word of mouth, we had over a hundred people sign up. I agreed that this was something that needed to happen, so we started the first alpha version of the site. Matias Drago joined us shortly thereafter and relaunched with the current more robust website.

We did all of this because we saw a need ― a group that was not being served by the companies already out there.

Courtesy of KinkBnB

Why is it important for people to have outlets like this to explore their sexuality?

We strongly feel people need the room to explore themselves. Being able easily to rent a dungeon, a space designed for sexual play should be available to anyone who wants to. We want to make it a safe transaction. People should be able to travel, find accommodations without having to hide a part of themselves. I am one of the founders of San Francisco's Wicked Grounds, Kink Cafe and Boutique, and we are dedicated to providing a place where people can be sexually social. There are few places in our society where one can publicly talk about their intimate selves. Kinkbnb is an extention of this belief.

What do you want people to know about this service? is a community-driven company. We believe in sexual freedom for adults. We support those legal changes of society to protect people and their liberties. That's why we support the Red Umbrella Policy Project and local SWOP organizations. And, as individuals, support and volunteer for the NCSF.

Want to see more from KinkBnB? Head here.

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