Kip Moore's Lonely Life On The Road Inspired One Heck Of An Album

The grind and glamour of touring led Moore to pen the grittiest songs he's ever written.
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Kip Moore's debut album, "Up All Night," brought us smash country music singles like "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck," "Beer Money" and "Hey Pretty Girl," but his latest record is set to produce hit after hit after hit.

"Wild Ones" is a raw compilation of music, one Moore worked tirelessly on during those long months on the road. "I stalled out, if we’re just being honest," Moore told The Huffington Post. "I know on the surface everything looks good, but I really wasn’t in a great place mentally. As I climbed out of that dark hole, my writing was changing and I was coming up with really fresh, cool ways to say things. I ended up with 'Wild Ones,' and it was an organic process."

Moore was run-down. Being a well-known country star is one thing, but being on the road for 250 days out of the year -- traveling, performing, staying up all night, writing -- eventually takes its toll and isn't good for one's psyche. The 35-year-old had a breakdown of sorts, but eventually cleared his head and started from the beginning, tapping into his creative energy.

"The band and I live such a circus life right now, with such highs at night when you’re onstage and such lows later on because you're sort of sleep-deprived. You're constantly on the road, you’re missing people in your life, you think you’re losing people in your life and there’s all that balance of the demons that go into your head during this process. The music started matching where I was in my life," Moore told us. "Don’t get me wrong; we’re very thankful for where we are and we love the music, but it just takes a toll on your body, your mind and your spirit. Especially for someone like me, who feels like there's so much responsibility. These guys, they get off the road and they turn it off. They go with their families and their kids, and I’m right back in it. I’m right back into writing and recording and making this train keep going, so there’s such a weight that comes with that, and it can bring almost madness."

<p>Kip Moore performs during the 2015 FarmBorough Festival at Randall's Island on June 26, 2015 in New York City.</p>

Kip Moore performs during the 2015 FarmBorough Festival at Randall's Island on June 26, 2015 in New York City.

Mireya Acierto via Getty Images

But that madness inspired songs like "I'm To Blame," which was released in April as the first single off of "Wild Ones."

"'I’m To Blame' was actually kind of written from a pissed-off standpoint. I was kind of frustrated with the way some things were going in my life -- career-wise, personal-wise, whatever it was -- I was just in a mood that day. I saw some stuff on TV before I left the house -- just bullshit on TV with everyone pointing the finger at each other -- and I was like, 'Where the hell has our backbone gone in this country?'" Moore explained, continuing, "I’m not searching for the wrong road and I’m not searching to get in trouble, but I’ve always been fearless as far as not being scared to try something before anybody else does or not being afraid to put myself out there and do something wrong. You have to make mistakes to get to the right road, and that’s what I was kind of saying in that song. I’m going to be the one that says, 'I did it, now let’s move on from it.' I own up to my mistakes."

As for choosing the wrong path sometimes, Moore insists it's just a part of life. Even as he's gained fame in the public eye, the Georgia native refuses to be anything other than what he is.

"I don't allow myself to get wrapped up in any fame or celebrity or whatever you call it," he said. "I roll with it, but there’s definitely times when it’s odd for me. I’ll stay for two or three hours after my shows to sign things, and I definitely enjoy talking and meeting with new people and stuff, but it’s just a grind because you’re not allowed to be human for one minute. The minute you’re off, if you’re not a little bit jolly or you’re too quiet, they’ll take that quietness for, 'Well man, he’s being an asshole.' But no, I’m just kind of tired, you know? So when you hear the bad stuff … I don’t really get too caught up in it."

Moore's 13-track album "Wild Ones" will be released on Aug. 21.

Listen to his song "Come and Get It," exclusively on HuffPost Entertainment, below.

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