The 11 Best-Value Private Universities: Kiplinger List

Last week Kiplinger, a private financial advising company, released its Special Report on Best College Values. Using Peterson's data on more than 600 private institutions, Kiplinger determined which ones were the best overall values using measures like admission rates, test scores of incoming freshmen, graduation rates and tuition, room and board fees.

As tuition prices continue to rise, such value-rankings may become essential for families and students deciding on a college. According to the Chronicle of Higher Education, this year 100 institutions are charging more than $50,000 annually for tuition, room and board and other fees. This is nearly double the amount of schools that ranked in 2009-2010 -- 58 universities passed the $50k mark last year. And the latest list includes a public institution for the first time -- UC Berkeley's total costs have reached $50,649 for out-of-state students (check out the Chronicle to view the full list of schools that cost more than $50,000).

Below, check out the 11 best-value private universities according to Kiplinger. Did your school make the cut? Do you think it should have? Let us know!

See this list and more at Kiplinger.