Kiran Chetry Leaves CNN: 'American Morning' Host Out At End Of July

"American Morning" co-host Kiran Chetry is leaving CNN at the end of the month, the New York Post reported Wednesday night. Chetry has been on the morning show since 2007. Her departure comes as CNN undergoes a major overhaul, bringing in Erin Burnett from CNBC and axing Eliot Spitzer's 8 PM show.

Chetry's exit also leaves "American Morning," consistently the lowest-rated of the cable news morning shows, without any permanent hosts at all. Chetry's former co-host John Roberts left the network in January. (Roberts famously had a testy on-air confrontation with Chetry in September.) Since his departure, a rotating cast of CNN regulars, led by Ali Velshi, has been filling in alongside Chetry. CNN has not yet announced who will become the permanent hosts of the perennially struggling show.

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