Honolulu Mayoral Candidate's Daughter Burns Opponent's Campaign Sign, Passes To Friend For Bong Hit

In a bout of what is being described as youthful indiscretion, Maya Caldwell, daughter of Honolulu mayoral candidate Kirk Caldwell, recently set fire to a campaign sign of her father's opponent, which was then used to light a bong.

As 18-year-olds are known to do, Caldwell's friend, who was pictured holding a bong being lit with the flaming sign, then posted the evidence on Instagram, with the caption, "KIRK CALDWELL FOR MAYOR!!" Caldwell commented on a later photo documenting further sign destruction, writing "bestest frwens a gurl cud have."

The photos have since been removed from Instagram, but Caldwell admitted that his daughter was involved in the exploit. He later apologized to opponent Ben Cayetano for her actions, Hawaii News Now reports.

Cayetano graciously accepted, displaying a quintessentially Hawaiian disposition.

"We've all done foolish things when we were young, and I'm sure she regrets what she did," he said.

The younger Caldwell was set to leave for Massachusetts on Friday to head off for her first year of college at Tufts University. Now that trip will include a serious "father-daughter" talk, her dad said.

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