Kirk Cameron Defends Comments Against Homosexuality

Kirk Cameron on Tuesday morning defended his recent comments against homosexuality.

Appearing on "Fox and Friends," Cameron said, "I don't change my feeling about the comments."

He also criticized Piers Morgan, who conducted the interview that sparked that controversy, as "disingenuous."

"What disheartens me ... is that when you're sitting across the table from someone who knows what your perspective is on issues -- and I've been very consistent, I don't think anything I said surprised anybody as a Bible-believing Christian -- but to then take some answers, reduce an important and personal and sensitive issue to a 4-second soundbite and toss it into a community to start a political firestorm and really upset people that you're saying you're looking to protect, I think it's disingenuous," he said.

He also accused Morgan of blindsiding him, claiming that the interview was meant to be about his upcoming film, "Monumental."

"Fox and Friends" host Steve Doocy offered some reassuring words.

"No one's watching that show anyway," he said.

Cameron has come under fire for calling homosexuality "destructive" and "unnatural." GLADD called his remarks "dated" and celebrity gay rights advocates like George Takei have also criticized him.

Cameron walked back his comments days after the interview, saying that " I can assuredly say that it’s my life’s mission to love all people.”

Watch the clip above and see how celebs and others reacted to Kirk Cameron's comments on homosexuality in the slideshow below:



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