Kirk Demarais' Awkward Family Portraits For Film And TV Families Hit Gallery 1988 (PHOTOS)

Kirk Demarais creates the stereotypical J.C. Penney awkward family portrait with a crucial twist: he portrays fictional families from film and TV. His colored pencil masterpieces, complete with bland studio portrait backdrops, depict the bizarre ritual of creating a staged image of the family together. In the instances below, we see the fictional personalities that have stolen our hearts and hours of our time, memorialized wearing awkward sweaters or dangerously tight bow ties.


From trendy, dramatic families like Breaking Bad's the Whites and Mad Men's the Drapers to those goofy cult favorite families like the Bluths and the Beullers, Demarais gets them all. The most frightening portrait, however, definitely has to be The Shining's Torrance family. That is one family portrait we would not want anywhere near our mantle.

See the works in person at Gallery 1988 in Venice, California until June 2. In the meantime, check out the slideshow below and see how many pop culture families you can recognize.

Kirk Demarais