Kirk Herbstreit Earthquake: ESPN Broadcaster On Air During Oklahoma Earthquake (VIDEO)

Just after LSU took down Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Oklahoma State remained undefeated after beating Kansas State, ESPN immediately cut to an interview with broadcaster Kirk Herbstreit. In the middle of the interview with Herbstreit, who called the Oklahoma State game in Stillwater, the Ohio State alum suddenly had a petrified look on his face.

Following host Chris Howler's question, Herbstreit revealed that he had just experienced what was later reported as a 5.6 magnitude earthquake.

"Chris, just to let you know, dead serious, as I've been talking to you, we just had, I think, an earthquake," Herbstreit said. "I literally thought the stadium here was rocking, people were stepping down off this platform that I'm on. But we had a little aftershock, so what was your particular question about Oklahoma or Oklahoma State's defense?"

Herbstreit did a great job of keeping his composure throughout the earthquake, which hit as the crowd was leaving the stadium and it was followed by 10 aftershocks by midmorning on Sunday.

"That shook up the place, had a lot of people nervous," said Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon, who was in the locker room beneath the stadium with the rest of the team. "Yeah, it was pretty strong."

Cowboys quarterback Brandon Weeden said they nobody knew what they were experiencing.

"Everybody was looking around and no one had any idea," Weeden said, via the Associated Press. "We thought the people above us were doing something. I've never felt one, so that was a first."