Kirsten Bledsoe Asks Mila Kunis To Cotillion At Hollins University (VIDEO)

If Mila Kunis agrees to go to Hollins University's spring Cotillion dance with Kirsten Bledsoe, the senior student promises they'll have a wonderful evening featuring some tasty Blue Moon beer.

Bledsoe created a video to ask Kunis to the spring dance at Hollins, which originally got its start as a women-only event in the 1890s. This year's Cotillion will take place on April 26 in Roanoke, Va.

In the video, Bledsoe props herself up on a large rock, which she spray-painted with the question, "Mila, Cotillion?" She then struggles to crack open a bottle of Blue Moon. (She later clarified in the YouTube description that she realized they're actually twist-off.)

"It's my senior year in college, it's my last school dance, so I figured I'd ask someone who's never been to a school dance with a willing date before," Bledsoe says in the video. "So just let me know, and I'll bring the Blue Moon, and you just bring yourself."

Bledsoe uploaded the video to YouTube on March 10, under an account set up just to ask out the actress. She told The Huffington Post that she's actually not a fan of beer in general, but she'll bring it along for Kunis, a former bartender who has admitted to liking the Colorado-based Blue Moon brewery.

According to The Daily Beast, Bledsoe has had a crush on Kunis since 2010, when the film "Black Swan" was released. Bledsoe told HuffPost she'd love to have a casual evening hanging out with the Hollywood star.

"I would love to speak with her about anything, really," she said. "Movies, TV, travel, whatever would come up naturally."

Bledsoe said she hasn't heard anything from Kunis yet, but the actress recently joked to a BBC reporter that she never turns down a date. And in 2011, Kunis agreed to accompany Sgt. Scott Moore to a U.S. Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, N.C., after Moore asked her out with a similar YouTube video.

Bledsoe is currently in a long-distance relationship, but her girlfriend is unable to go to the dance. If Kunis says no, her backup plan is to go with a small group of friends, and she won't be too disappointed.

"Any attention the video gets is a great way to highlight LGBTQ awareness in a rural Southern state," she told The Daily Beast.

Whether or not she accepts Bledsoe's invitation, Kunis may agree with her cause. The actress told The Advocate in 2011 that she supports marriage equality and once had a roommate who's gay.

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