Kirstie Alley Apparently Has A Problem With The New Barbie

She misses the days when Barbie looked like a "freak."

Mattel has remade the iconic Barbie, revealing a new series of dolls with more realistic proportions and diverse representation. The move is a huge step in the doll's 57-year history, but some people are not thrilled. 

Kirstie Alley, for one.

The actress tweeted Thursday morning that she wishes it was 1965 again. 

Barbie now comes in sizes like tall, curvy and petite. 

Mattel shared a statement to mark the milestone. 

Girls everywhere now have infinitely more ways to play out their stories and spark their imaginations through Barbie. Along with more overall diversity, we proudly add three new body types to our line. Here’s a look at why we did this, and the team that made it possible. #TheDollEvolves

The new line was even featured on the cover of Time magazine, along with an in-depth story on the dolls. "The company hopes that the new dolls, with their diverse body types, along with the new skin tones and hair textures introduced last year, will more closely reflect their young owners’ world," explained writer Eliana Dockterman.

What a humbling moment for #Barbie and this is just the beginning… #TheDollEvolves #barbiestyle

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Not sure what there is to complain about? 

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