Kirstie Alley: Patrick Swayze And I Had A Secret Relationship In 1985

Turns out John Travolta wasn't the only man Kirstie Alley had a secret relationship with.

The "Dancing with the Stars" contestant, 61, has just revealed that she and the late Patrick Swayze fell in love on the set of their 1985 TV series, "North and South." Although they were both married at the time -- Alley was still with her second husband, Parker Stevenson, whom she divorced in 1997 and Swayze was with Lisa Niemi -- the co-stars developed intense feelings for each other. They tried to keep from "going down that road," but Alley admits they couldn't help it.

"Both of us were married," Alley tells "Entertainment Tonight," clarifying that they "did not have an affair."

"But again, I think what I did was worse," she added. "Because I think when you fall in love with someone when you're married, you jeopardize your own marriage and their marriage. It's doubly bad."

Alley is unsure if Niemi, who asked her to speak at Swayze's funeral in 2009, knows about their romance, but insists that she and Swayze's wife of 34 years are good friends.

Oddly enough, Alley recently confessed that she and her "Look Who's Talking" co-star John Travolta had a secret relationship and almost ran off together, calling him "the greatest love of my life."



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