Kirstie Alley, Patrick Swayze Relationship And 5 Other Secret Celebrity Romances

6 Top Secret Celebrity Romances

Were Kirstie Alley and Patrick Swayze really once an item?

In an interview with "Entertainment Tonight" earlier this week, the 61-year-old actress admitted that she and the late actor fell in love on the set of their 1985 TV series, "North and South," while they were both married. Alley was quick to clarify that they "did not have an affair."

"I think what I did was worse," she said. "Because I think when you fall in love with someone when you're married, you jeopardize your own marriage and their marriage. It's doubly bad."

Alley may have shocked fans with her admission, but she's hardly the first celeb to carry on a secret affair. Click through the slideshow below for five more under-the-radar celebrity romances.

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5 Secret Affairs

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