Human Fountain Can Spit Water For Nearly A Minute

H2 ... Whoa

A medical student in Ethiopia has just earned a Guinness World Record for a truly jaw-dropping stunt: longest time to spray water from the mouth.

Kirubel Yilma, of Addis Ababa, can squirt a continuous spray of water from his mouth for nearly a minute: 56.36 seconds to be exact.

Yilma, 20, recently broke the previous record of 46.86 seconds, set in 2012 by Dickson Oppong, aka Waterman, of Ghana.

As can be seen on the video above, Yilma chugs a lot of liquid before he starts the waterworks.

There’s some science behind his spittle. Yilma said he used his medical studies to figure out the best way to regurgitate water.

“I am a second-year medical student at Addis Ababa University, so I have the knowledge of how to use my muscles effectively so as to break the record,” he told Guinness World Records.

Enjoy the video of this feat while it lasts, because Yilma said he plans to boost his spray stream to over a minute, at least.



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