'Intoxicated' Mom Drove With 6 Kids On Trunk: Cops

Four children were injured — one seriously — when an allegedly intoxicated mother in Crowley, Texas drove with the kids on the trunk of her Chevy Malibu, police said.

Kisha Young, 38, was charged with DUI Tuesday night after kids aged 8 to 14 fell from the car as Young drove them home from a neighborhood pool. Another mom was in the passenger seat and two other unharmed children rode outside of the Malibu.

The kids were perched on the back of the car, because Young didn't want their wet bathing suits to mess up the interior, The Smoking Gun reports.

When Young took a corner too fast, the children slipped from the trunk and were flung into the road.

Witnesses said she didn't seem to notice what had happened until she got to the end of the block. Then she turned around and drove back to the accident site, NBC Dallas-Fort Worth reports.

Four of the kids were injured seriously enough to require treatment at a local hospital. Three have already been released, but the 12-year-old daughter of the other mom riding is still being treated for a serious head injury at Cook's Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, according to WFAA TV.

Witness Holly Powell was shocked by what she saw.

“There was one laying on the floor…there was a girl sitting next to her that was getting checked out; she had blood on her shirt and stuff,” Powell told “And then there was two kids that had road burns that were walking up and down the street.”

Police say Young was the one who called 911. Officers gave her a field sobriety test which she allegedly failed. Young was then arrested for intoxication assault with a vehicle.

She was later charged with two other felonies, injury to child and driving while intoxicated with a child under the age of 15.

Young is currently in the Crowley Jail in lieu of $110,000 bail. The girl's mother may also face charges, authorities said.



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