Kishore Nimmala Stole Phone Of Date, Fakhara Sultana, After She Wouldn't Help Pay Tab

studio shot of blackberry on...
studio shot of blackberry on...

Chivalry might be dead.

Or at least the romance is dead in the case of a first date gone sour. London man Kishore Nimmala, 32, allegedly snatched his date's phone after she refused to help pay for their bar tab, The Telegraph reported.

Fakhara Sultana, who met Nimmala on the dating website Zoosk, says she thought it was her date's duty to pay for the £54, -- that's $84 -- bar tab. When Sultana refused to help pay the tab, Nimmala allegedly followed her before stealing her BlackBerry phone and bolting off, according to The Mirror.

"Ms. Sultana screamed and ran after him," Prosecutor Helen Thomas said. "Two passing policemen joined the chase and eventually caught him."

Nimmala, who has been charged with one count of theft, told Southwark Crown Court jurors that he intended to give the phone back as soon as his date helped pay for the pricey drinks, according to The Daily Mail.

The trial is ongoing.

It is unclear whether there will be a second date.



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