Kiss Cam Takes Crazy Turn At Knicks Game As Girl Smooches Total Stranger

The Craziest Kiss Cam Moment Ever

On Thursday night, the best thing at the game -- possibly the best thing at any Knicks game, all season -- happened during the Kiss Cam, when a woman's apparent date refused to smooch.

So she turned to a man sitting nearby, seemingly a total stranger, and kissed him instead.

Check it out in the clip above.

Some recent viral kiss cam moments were later revealed to have been staged. If this turns out to be one of them, it's still a better performance than anything the team has managed to put together this year. The Knicks have won just 5 of their 40 games, the 7th-worst record at this point in the season since the league shifted to an 82-game calendar in 1967-68.

True to form, the Knicks lost Thursday night's "Kiss Cam game" to the Houston Rockets by a score of 120-96.

(h/t Mediaite)

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