KISS: Tebow Better For Football Than Players 'Who Are Abusing Dogs And Are Up For Murder'

KISS' offer to Tim Tebow to be the new quarterback of their Arena Football League team is no joke, according to the band's Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.

The two joined Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on NBC's "Today" to discuss their new book "Nothin' to Lose" and Simmons brought an LA KISS helmet with him to promote the team. After praising the AFL and dubbing the indoor game as "adrenaline football," the rock stars brought up the organization's offer to Tebow.

"It wasn't about publicity," Stanley said. "He would be great for the sport. He's a great citizen. He's a great role model. There are some athletes who are questionable, certainly he isn't one of them. So this is an offer that we made and it was not about getting press."

After Kathie Lee said she could never imagine KISS wanting to be associated with Tebow, Simmons quickly responded asking, "why not?"

"Tim would be great for football. Better to have more Tim Tebow in football than guys who are abusing their dogs and are up for murder," Simmons said.




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