'Kisses For Kim' Davis Is The Campaign You Should All Get Behind


Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis made headlines this summer when she disregarded the Supreme Court's decision on marriage equality and refused to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples on religious grounds.

Comedians from The Other Stuff don't want to send negativity or hate toward Kim Davis, but rather messages of love and tolerance. So they started a campaign where people -- straight, gay, bisexual, whatever orientation -- plant one on a friend, loved one, consenting stranger, whomever, then post the photos using #KissesForKim.

When it comes to fighting intolerance, this is about killing it with kindness, along with some comedy involving heavily bearded dudes -- and that's exactly how the creators intended it.

"There's a lot of hate being thrown around," comedian Matt Ott, who wrote and created the video for the campaign along with Jericho Davidson and Mike Albanese and identifies as straight, told The Huffington Post in an interview. "I think there's a way to address people that you disagree with that can be civil. This is hopefully fun and civil."

As to what the trio would say to Davis if they had the chance, Ott replied, "Love will always win."

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