Kit Darrant Case: Police Detail How 16-Year-Old Choked And Stabbed Mother Renette Emile (VIDEO)

While 16-year-old Kit Darrant was entertaining friends at his fourth floor apartment at the Jade Winds complex earlier this week, his mother's body lay decomposing in her bedroom close by.

Four days earlier, the teen had choked his mother and stabbed her 14 times.

According to newly released details on the Miami-Dade Police arrest affidavit, on March 27 Darrant murdered his mother, Renette Emile, 35, after they got into a heated argument about him staying out late on a school night.

In his confession to police, the Dr. Krop Senior High student said that after he and his mom argued, he went back to his bedroom and deliberated on how to kill her.

While his 3-year-old brother slept soundly in the next room, Darrant went into his mother's bedroom and put her into a chokehold in an attempt to strangle her.

When he realized she was unconscious but still breathing, he got a large butcher knife from the kitchen and stabbed his mother in the back of the neck.

As she was still alive, Darrant told police he then turned her over and stabbed her numerous times in the torso and arms, leaving her for dead.

He told police he cleaned the knife, took off his bloodied clothes and showered to clean up any blood spatter. After strangling his mother and stabbing her to death, Darrant then went to sleep.

The next morning, according to police, he did his best to clean the room by wrapping the bloody body in bed sheets. To combat the decomposition smell, Darrant told police he sprinkled laundry detergent and deodorant on his mother's dead body.

In the days following the murder, neighbors and security guards saw Darrant driving his mother's car at strange hours, having lots of friends over, and playing loud music, reports the Miami Herald, but no one intervened.

After family members grew concerned that Darrant kept saying his mother couldn't come to the phone, Emile's sister-in-law went to the apartment and the found the body.

"I saw it was a person laying on the floor and covered up with some sheets and it smelled really bad," Marie Altidor told Local10. "I knew that was her."

Darrant, who lived with his mother's dead body for eight days, is charged with second-degree murder.

CBS Miami reports that he is being held in "secure detention" for 21 days until a hearing on April 26.