Kit Harington Might’ve Arrived In Belfast To Possibly Join 'GoT' Cast For Season 6

Jon Snow has been spotted!

Regardless of whether or not you're a believer on team Jon Snow Lives, the actor has officially been spotted in Belfast, Northern Ireland -- and there is finally real, solid, visual evidence ... we think. 

According to "Game of Thrones" fan site Watchers on the Wall, a fan reported she was on the same plane headed to Belfast as Harington earlier this week and she has the photos to prove it. (Head to WotW to check out two photos of Harington exiting the plane at what appears to be the Belfast airport.) What does this mean, though?

Belfast is home to the "Game of Thrones" production offices, and a handful of the cast arrived there recently for the Season 6 table read. Everyone from Emilia Clarke to Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has been spotted arriving for the script read-through. Previously, there were murmurs on Reddit that Harington was seen in Belfast by fans and reportedly told one admirer that he could not take any photos (Hmm). Now that we have proof the actor was in Belfast, it can only mean a handful of things.

For one, Harington might be in Northern Ireland to film Jon Snow's funeral scenes, if Season 6 decides to show those. This happened with Charles Dance, who returned for Tywin Lannister's funeral scene in Season 5. What the rest of us are hoping is that Harington's appearance means the actual return of Jon Snow, whether he's resurrected, reborn, becomes a White Walker, or one of the other many fan theories proves true. Or it could just mean Harington was visiting Belfast unrelated to the "Thrones" production (but we refuse to believe that).

Harington and the "GoT" showrunners have all confirmed Jon's death on the show, as well as director David Nutter, who even confirmed the character's demise to President Barack Obama. But, like Clarke, we still believe. The actress told MTV News recently that she thinks there's a "50/50 chance" Jon will return. Plus, one new Season 6 filming location might signal a storyline related to Bran, which could reveal Jon's true parentage. All men must have hope.

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