Kit Harington And 'GoT' Stars Wishing This Guy Happy Birthday Is A Present For Everyone

Other than Ned Stark, the dads on "Game of Thrones" are usually pretty crummy. (Tyrion knows what we're talking about.) Well, Brian Fortune is here to make up for all that.

The "Game of Thrones" actor, who plays Othell Yarwyck on the show -- a member of the Night's Watch -- reportedly got the other Watchers on the Wall to send their well wishes to his son Kevin for his birthday. There's Alliser Thorne; Sam Tarly; Olly, who, remember, is just an actor, everyone; and even the Lord Commander himself, Jon Snow.

Though most of the cast put on their serious faces for the video -- the Wall is a tough place, after all -- Kit Harington manages to give Kevin a smile, which is probably the best birthday present any of us could've received after that Season 5 finale.

Happy b-day, Kevin. For this birthday and all birthdays to come.



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