Kit Harington's Doppelgänger Will Make You Think Winter Is Coming

It's Jon Snow's twin!
Kit Harington is on the left, in case you were wondering. 
Kit Harington is on the left, in case you were wondering. 

It's official: Kit Harington has a long-lost twin. 

The internet is collectively freaking out over a man who could be Jon Snow's doppelgänger. The lucky fellow shares Harington's flowing locks, occasionally brooding stare and even his facial hair (before the actor shaved off his beard for a new role). 

In an email correspondence with the Huffington Post, Harington's lookalike told us that his name is Josiah Martin. Just 24-years-old, Martin was born and raised in Indiana, though he is currently relocating to Finland with his wife. 

"The second I began to grow my hair out people called me Jon Snow," Martin told HuffPost. "It worked out perfectly because my wife's only celebrity crush is Kit Harington." 

Martin said that he didn't begin watching "Game of Thrones" until people noted his resemblance to one of the main characters, but after a little binge watching -- he's hooked. 

While he's a little confused about his newfound viral fame, Martin hopes that Harington finds the lookalike situation hilarious. 

"Who knows, maybe Kit will find it amusing and we can do a kick-ass comedy/action team up," Martin said. "I'm thinking maybe a remake of 'Twins' or some remake of the old Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen films?" 

Sounds like a hit!

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On Instagram, Martin also pointed that he once resembled another famous actor, Seth Rogen. 

A resemblance

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Of course, now that Harington's shaved his beard and looks somewhat like a goth teenager, Martin may be mistaken for Jon Snow more than the actor himself!



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