Kit Kat Fills Student's Car With 6,500 Bars After Chocolate Theft

Sweet! 🍫🍫🍫🍫

It was one sweet surprise.

A Kansas State University student who became an internet star after a hungry thief allegedly stole a single Kit Kat bar from his car last week found himself rolling in thousands of free bars, compliments of the candy maker.

Approximately 6,500 bars of the wrapped wafer chocolate were stuffed inside Hunter Jobbins’ car Thursday, allowing all of his classmates a chance to reach inside his Toyota Camry for a sweet treat ― this time with his permission.

And they turned out in droves.

Last week, Jobbins tweeted a photo of a handwritten confession he said he found in place of the Kit Kat bar that was inside his unlocked car’s cup holder.

Jobbins said he had stepped away from his car “for maybe 15 minutes” and returned to find the note scrawled on a napkin.

Kit Kat reacted with horror to the theft and promised to replace the stolen bar in a response tweet.

Hunter, speaking to The Collegian, said he feels no ill will toward his sticky-fingered thief and instead encouraged them to come forward to share his spotlight.

“If the Kit Kat thief is reading this or keeping up with this, I would love for you to come and tell me, and I’ll give you a big hug, a thank you and a lot of Kit Kats,” Jobbins said.

Judging by the number of students who turned up to break off a piece of his stardom, his thief – if they’re still nearby ― has likely already had seconds.

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