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Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets: When Technology Gets In The Kitchen (PHOTOS)

While we wouldn't mind having a Rosie like the Jetsons did to help us with our cooking, we'd settle on just a little help from technology in the kitchen. Not having to stand over a pot and stir it for 50 minutes straight just to enjoy a good risotto would be nice.

And it looks like help is on the way, thanks to advances in technology that are making life for the home cook just a little bit easier (and a lot more fun). In the near future, you'll no longer have to question whether your milk is still fresh -- you'll know with an alert on your mobile phone. And you won't have to throw out your coffee when it gets to that unpalatable room temperature -- there will be a gadget to make that right, too.

So throw out those useless kitchen gadgets (trust us, you will never really need a quesadilla maker) and make space for these actually-helpful kitchen gadgets that are on the way.

Futuristic Kitchen Gadgets