A Smarter Way To Organize All Those Serving Platters

Stop stacking. Start embracing the vertical space.

Divided trays, serving platters, muffin tins, extra-large plates -- they're amazing to have when you throw a party. But most of the time, these oversized items sit unused in a cupboard, taking up valuable real estate and causing the all-too-familiar clang of glass, ceramic and metal each time you try to maneuver one out of the stack.

Whether you're sick of playing serving-platter Jenga or you're simply looking to create a more efficient kitchen, organizing expert Peter Walsh might have your solution. It all comes down to a shift in orientation.

"Embrace the vertical space," Walsh suggests.

By using a few pieces of plywood and a little common sense, you can make some vertical dividers in any easy-to-reach cupboard in your kitchen," he continues. "Then, instead of having all of these large items stacked somewhere, you can store them vertically."

Not only does this method make good use of the cupboard space, but it also makes moving around more manageable.

"Best of all, [it's] easy to get to and easy to put away," Walsh says. 

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