If It’s High Time To Redo Your Kitchen, These 27 Target Products Will Help You Do It Affordably

It's time to make sure your kitchen doesn't look like it's in The Upside Down.

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  • A 12-pack of glass spice jars, because while variety might be the spice of life, these uniform spice jars are the key to a super cute and organized kitchen.

  • A stackable bamboo shelf so your kitchen stacks up to the ones you see in the one million home organization accounts you follow on Instagram.

  • A hard-working, multi-tasking Scrub Mommy sponge that can tackle even the toughest dishes — and leave you both smiling at the end.

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A vinyl peel-and-stick wallpaper
It will give you that subway tile look without a full-blown reno — in fact, you can do it all by yourself in an afternoon!

Promising review:
"I have used a couple different peel-and-stick wallpapers and this was by far the easiest to work with. I love the slight sheen to it and the 'highlight and shadow' printed at the top and bottom of each tile makes it look very realistic." —marchellem
A 12-pack of glass spice jars
Because while variety might be the spice of life, these uniform spice jars are the key to a super cute and organized kitchen.

Promising review:
"These are great!! Have nice suction to keep my spices fresh. and I love the sleek look. Cannot wait to put all of my spices into these." —Jnc
A stainless-steel, hands-free step trash can
It not only gets the job done but is actually surprisingly chic for something that, ya know, holds garbage.

Promising review:
"Becauseeeee it looks amazing, very slick and practical! Big but not bulky. I like how there is a plastic bin inside of it, makes it easier to wash if needed. *I went in store and picked it up, no dents and perfect condition:)" —MarylovesTarget
An organic windowsill herb garden
It'll add some greenery to your kitchen, as well as enliven your cooking with home-grown basil, cilantro, oregano, and rosemary. The kit includes four pots, four seed packets, one tray, growing medium and instructions.

Promising review: "Cute herb garden for my porch. It took a lot longer for the rosemary and oregano to start sprouting, but with patience, sun and water, they finally started. Yay!" —Carebear
A 10-piece Cuisinart stainless-steel cookware set
This set includes: 8-quart stockpot with lid, 10-inch skillet, 3-quart saucepan with lid, 1.5-quart saucepan with lid, 8-inch skillet, 3.5-quart sauté pan with lid.

Promising review:
"This new set is so beautiful that it deserves more than an ordinary kitchen cupboard or hanging hooks for storage. I have cleared out several shelves of my dining room cabinetry and have placed the set where it belongs: on show, along with my best crystal. The 'Chef's Classic Stainless Steel' pieces are more than just beautiful, of course. They clean up easily, are very lightweight, and do a super job of cooking. In the past, I have purchased other pieces in this line (saucepans) and really appreciate how their curved rims keep liquids from dripping, and how nice-fitting the steel lids are. But most of all, they look wonderful." —Sassyfrass
A wall-mounted pot rack to display your new matching set of pots and pans
Promising review: "This is amazing! It looks great and holds a lot of weight. Very impressed with this item." —Dee
An extremely stylish kitchen mat
It will brighten up your space, protect your floor from water sloshes, and — if you can believe it — make doing dishes much more enjoyable by giving your feet something soft to stand on.

Promising review:
"I’ve had this rug for over a month. Love that it has a little cushion to it and the edges lay flat. I ordered another because I liked them so much that when I need to wash them, I have one to put down in its place." —Diane
A 10-piece set of glass food storage containers
Promising review: "Best containers ever. Excellent seal. It keeps food fresher. They are really great for storing leftovers when traveling. If you push the air out when you close the lid using the tabs, water will not get inside when the ice melts in the ice chest. I highly recommend this product." —Lots of fun
A 6-quart Instant Pot
It's basically like having a sous chef on staff because this 7-in-1 appliance does it all... except put itself in the dishwasher for cleanup (but the lid and inner pot are dishwasher safe!).

Promising review:
"This is my first ever pressure cooker. I was a bit nervous on how to use it, but I was very willing to try with all the great reviews and how quick meals can be ready! I love the new features and technology with these kitchen appliances. It even has a 'burn' notification to let you know if your food is becoming burnt?! That's amazing. This cooker takes away soo many pots and pans since it's so useful in cooking a multitude of dishes in just one pot." —Reshmi R
A 10-piece wood and silicone kitchen tool set
Promising review: "This set was super affordable and perfect for my new nonstick pans! Love the pops of color too." —SarahDarah
An expandable bamboo spice rack
Promising review: "I have a very small space near the stove and wanted all my most-used spices within reach. This display has clean and simple lines and the shelves are deep enough for pretty much any spice container. Very easy to expand when needed." —krista_nj
A 15-piece knife block set
This set includes a paring knife, shears, chef knife, sharpening steel, six steak knives, santoku knife, knife block, utility knife, birds beak knife and slicer.

Promising review: "This looks amazing in my white kitchen! So far the knives have been sharp and great." —JlynnF12
A smart and practical marble spoon rest
Promising review: "Really pretty and practical, I’m glad I finally got rid of my plastic spoon holder." —MiniYAH
A space-saving turntable
Promising review: "Had to write a review because this item is a life changer, it spins and it’s clear! Which makes it so easy to find the ingredients I need! Love this item!" —BMonica
An oven thermometer
So you can get a sense of your oven's actual temperature while you cook and bake (but also no longer have the excuse that it was your oven's fault everything burned).

Promising review:
"I’ve used this on my grill and my oven. I primarily use it in my oven now to ensure the temperature is what I want it to be. It has saved me from burning some baked goods. If you’re not sure if you oven temperature is accurate, this is a must own. It’s cheap but will keep you from burning the food you worked so hard on. It also has a hand hook to the top, so you can hang it on the oven racks." —Kara
A drawer utensil organizer
Because the battle with the potato masher that's been jamming the drawer is getting a liiiiiiiittle old.

Promising review:
"The quality of material is great, and I couldn’t be happier with the nonslip rubber on it." —DK
A stackable bamboo shelf
So your kitchen stacks up to the ones you see in the one million home organization accounts you follow on Instagram.

Promising review:
"Cute and helps organize my dishes." —Iris
A small-but-mighty Ninja food processor
This will quite literally chop your food prep time in half — and can then go right into the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Promising review:
"I got this tool with low expectations and it has blown me away. I can make dressings that are perfectly blended quickly and it dices onions and garlic in seconds. I don’t know how I lived without it. Be careful cleaning it, it’s sharp!" —hah
A nonslip bamboo cutting board
Promising review: "This board is the perfect size for those quick 'need to chop something but don't need your full sized board' moments. Very sturdy, easy to clean and easy to store." —Perfect size
A hard-working, multi-tasking Scrub Mommy sponge
It can tackle even the toughest dishes — and leave you both smiling at the end.

Promising review:
"Absolutely love this scrubber/sponge, once I made the change to these, I haven't bought any other sponges." —Rosie
A clear organizing bin for your fridge or your pantry
Because setting up systems helps you with your grocery shopping and meal planning... but also it just looks prettier.

Promising review:
"Great product! I’m using it for my pantry, but it can even go into the fridge or the freezer!" —Ceeej
A five-pack of classic striped kitchen towels
Promising review: "I LOVE these. They are thick and absorbent. They are also very cute! I replaced all my old kitchen towels with these. And I plan to buy more!" —Nicole T
A bakeware rack
So your pots and pans don't sound like the percussion section of a middle school band each time you reach for a muffin tin. No disrespect to you and your classmates — you all were great.

Promising review:
"This isn’t a flimsy hunk of junk...it is solid and stays put when loaded! The adjustable spacers fit snug and tight and you don’t have to use them all if you don’t need them." —Alar
A stainless-steel compost bin
You can keep it on your countertop or attach it to your regular trash can, because it feels good when you can makeover your kitchen AND do something kind for Mother Earth at the same time.

Promising review:
"We could not have asked for a better compost container. It is very attractive, fits perfectly onto the side of our stainless steel trash bin, and does a terrific job of containing odor, etc. One of the best features is the magnetic lid that will stay open so that you can drop in your compostables as you cook dinner. You will be thrilled you purchased this great resource in order to resource your land!" —KoffeeQueen
A kitchen island with two shelves and a drawer
Promising review: "This island was very easy to assemble and looks great. It seems very sturdy even though it is lightweight. Exactly what I was looking for and exceeded my expectations! Also arrived a day earlier than estimated." —Adrienne
A counter-height stool that will finally give you the vibe you've been working toward
Promising review: "Was on the hunt for barstool chairs that would provide a pop of color but would also be comfortable. These chairs are 10/10 across the board. I could sit in them for hours. Tons of back support. Super sturdy. And they look amazing! Extremely high quality. Really rich blue. Couldn't be more happy with this purchase." —Vanessa
A sleek little countertop wine rack
Promising review: "I love this item so much! It’s the perfect size for my apartment! It’s super cute and holds your wine bottles securely!" —Erica16

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