Sara Hilton Of Russet Street Reno's Kitchen Renovation Turns A Bland Room Into A Bright And Warm Space (PHOTOS)

You'll barely even recognize it!

A beautiful kitchen can really transform any home. After all, it's the place people gather together for daily activities, from sharing a morning cup of coffee, to enjoying family meals to providing the kids a place to do their homework and eat a snack after school. And since we all fantasize about our dream kitchens, we loved that Sara Hilton of Russet Street Reno shared hers, which has been completely renovated and remade into a beautiful and bright space for her family to enjoy.

After the initial planning was done, it took about two months to make the kitchen functional, and another two for it to be completely finished. Hilton acted as the general contracter, which made the process a little slower but also saved them a ton of money. "It was well worth the savings, and the slower timeline also allowed us to pay for things in smaller chunks instead of all at once," she says.

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Photo by Sara Hilton of Russet Street Reno

The biggest challenge she faced during the whole process was learning how to coordinate all of the necessary contractors. "It was a real learning curve to figure out what order things had to be done in," Hilton says. For example, the electrical work had to be done before the drywall, and the electrician had to have all the measurements for outlets before he started, which meant the cabinet plan had to be finalized before he could begin.

Since Hilton was pregnant during the whole process, she and her husband hired outside help for most of the work. She notes that they definitely could have saved some money by doing more of it themselves, but they just didn't have the time at that point.

And the end result, a real mix of some DIY work and hiring professional contractors, was completely worth it. "I adore the cabinets, counters, subway tile, and lighting, but I think the biggest impact comes from the new oak floor. It is gorgeous," Hilton notes. The beautiful new floor replaced a cracked and stained white vinyl one. Other features such as an under-counter microwave drawer and pull-out garbage and recycling cans help hide the less attractive features and add to the kitchen's appeal.

Now, all she has left to do is add some more decorative items, such as art and curtains (the current ones are just fabric pinned to the rod). She also plans to shorten the table legs and add some bar stools. We can't wait to see more!

Check out some impressive before and after pictures in the slideshow below. And, head over to Russet Street Reno for more great home renovation and DIY ideas.


Kitchen Renovation

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