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33 Kitchen Signs For The Family That Knows How To Keep It Real

Morning routines for families can be far from perfect. The snooze button gets the best (and only) workout, the toast gets burned occasionally, and there’s a daily rush to get out the door on time.

Sound familiar? We totally relate to how there never seems to be enough hours in the day or coffee in the pot during hectic mornings. To help moms everywhere catch a breath, we partnered with the Quaker Oats Company to round up a list of relatable kitchen signs that will stir some humor into the daily grind.

Kitchen Puns
There’s nothing better than a good pun … a kitchen pun at that. Indulge your sense of humor with one of these quirky signs that are bound to crack a smile.

be grateful
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just roll with it
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dont be afraid to take whisks
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breakfast in bed
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life is short
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flip side
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different yolks
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ice cream happiness
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dog makes the rules
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please excuse the mess
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The Struggle Is Real
From laundry to cleaning the dishes, it can be difficult to get your kids to help out with household chores. These signs will definitely strike a chord with moms who understand that the struggle of parenting is real.

but i just cleaned that
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todays menu
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laundry sched
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sticky floors
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Pop-Culturally Aware
For the family that starts the day with pop music for breakfast, these signs will surely resonate. From lyrics off of Taylor Swift’s album “1989” to John Legend’s popular ballad “All of Me,” kitchen decor just got way more fun (and culturally relevant).

shake it off
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Espresso Yourself
These java-themed signs will help set your morning priorities straight. First things first: a bottomless mug of strong coffee. You know there’s no better smell to wake up to ... and that there’s no way to function without it.

daily grind
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wake up
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no talkie
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Morning Mantras
These uplifting sayings will set a positive tone for both your and your kids’ days (even if you wake up on the wrong side of the bed). When the going gets tough, remember the eternal wisdom that you’re “too blessed to be stressed.”

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good day
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good vibes
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